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Texcel® Nonwoven Staple Fibre Geotextiles

Nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles designed for coastal protection and landfill applications

Texcel® geotextiles (formerly branded as ELCOMAX® geotextiles) are a new generation of nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles and have been developed to stabilise coastal structures and protect landfill lining systems. Manufactured from either Polyester and/or Polypropylene fibres, they have a unique staple fibre blend and an inbuilt flexibility to allow Engineers to specify mechanical and hydraulic criteria to suit tough Australian conditions.

Why choose Texcel® nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles?

Texcel® geotextiles, manufactured from Geofabrics' new manufacturing plant in Ormeau, South Queensland, are high quality, isotropic, nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles which are supported by 25 years of research, development and testing. They are abrasion and UV-resistant and provide superior filtration for coastal applications. Texcel® geotextiles also have high elongation properties minimising installation damage and ensuring effective soil contact, interaction and stability.

How do I know if Texcel® geotextiles are right for my project?

Geofabrics provide a high level of technical support for Designers and Engineers to make sure your project is implemented effectively and efficiently using the correct type and grade of geotextile. Continuous Research & Development is carried out at the 'Geosynthetic Centre of Excellence’ on the Gold Coast in Queensland including a full scale, specially designed, rock/boulder dropping apparatus. Please Contact us for specification and design support and advice.